Chris Lopinto
Chris Lopinto ExpertFlyer
Not having to spend time raising seed or other capital is a great advantage to any startup, especially in the travel space. This gives founders more time to focus on building the product and engaging users. A prize from Launchpoint will give innovative startups the edge they need to get ahead early.
Alex Jawad
Alex Jawad 30K | LAX Competition
We’re all trying to contribute to the community by creating better tools and services. Launchpoint acknowledges that and gives us a direct channel to frequent flyers to (keep us humble and) confirm that we’re on the right track. Adding a grant as an incentive to that is naturally a big bonus!
Alexi Vereschaga
Alexi Vereschaga AwardWallet | LAX Competition
Attending the Frequent Flyer University in LA last year was extremely valuable for AwardWallet, we were able to meet in person some of our most loyal users and chat with them about our company and products. The fact that Randy and his crew are able and willing to help the frequent flyer startup industry with cash (no strings attached!) is absolutely fantastic!

AwardWallet will definitely attend the upcoming FTU conferences and participate in more competitions.

Matthew Goldman
Matthew Goldman Walla.by | LAX Competition
We were impressed with every aspect of the Launchpoint program. Firstly, it provided a hugely valuable stage to introduce Wallaby’s credit card optimization app to a knowledgeable and positive audience of business travelers. Secondly, we gained a lot of insight from both judges and crowd members. This is proving tremendously useful as we develop the next generation of our solutions.
Sanjay Kothari
Sanjay Kothari Milewise | LAX Competition
Launchpoint further validates the loyalty startup space by having key corporate constituents fuel innovation with both their time and money.
Peter Van Dorn
Peter Van Dorn PointsHound | LAX Competition
Participating in Launchpoint was an invaluable opportunity to get early feedback on our beta from power users in our target market. Based on input from attendees, we reprioritized our product roadmap at a critical phase, making our public launch even more successful. We would do Launchpoint every year if we could!
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