Where does a project like this begin?

With an idea shared by like-minded supporters of solutions for business travelers/frequent flyers, we have gathered a select group of organizations that contribute to innovation in the industry and bring value to the Launchpoint idea. The list of partners and sponsors continues to grow.
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founding sponsor
Points.com helps you get the most from your loyalty programs – from your airline frequent flyer miles to your hotel points, from your credit card rewards to your gas and drugstore cards.

We make it easy to Trade, Exchange, Buy, Give or Redeem your points, miles and rewards from many of the world’s leading programs. You can manage over 100 of the top loyalty programs, such as Aeroplan®, American Airlines AAdvantage®, Best Buy Reward Zone® (US), Delta SkyMiles®, Priority Club® Rewards, United Airlines MileagePlus®, US Airways® Dividend Miles® and many more all from one convenient location.



founding sponsor
Switchfly, Inc. is a global software-as-a-service provider that helps travel companies, loyalty programs and financial services institutions engage with their highest value customers. The Switchfly product suite includes white label travel commerce and loyalty redemption platforms, a loyalty payments engine for digital wallets, social network engagement products through Topguest, mobile solutions for travel and loyalty partners and personalized marketing solutions. Switchfly works with more than 300,000 travel suppliers, loyalty programs and payment providers globally, including AirAsia, American Airlines, United Airlines, Starwood Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, JetBlue, American Express and PayPal. Collectively, more than 20 billion reward points are redeemed through the Switchfly platform annually.



founding sponsor
We are experts in loyalty. We know it inside out. Since 1987, we have been dedicated to loyalty, both B2B and B2C around the world. We offer expertise and capability in everything required to create loyal, profitable customers. From insights and proposition development to the delivery and operation of programs.

As leaders, we’re continually moving forward. We embrace new technology and evolving customer touch-points, and we understand the value of being flexible, adaptable and agile in delivering loyalty. Perhaps what sets us apart most is that we’re genuinely passionate about loyalty.


Wall + Main

Wall+Main will become America’s leading crowdfunding company – an online marketplace where entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors seeking returns will intersect and prosper.