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A beta test for a Launchpoint competition was held at the Frequent Traveler University event at the Sheraton Gateway LAX on December 1, 2012, with the following five presenters. The event was a hit with the approximately 300 travelers in the audience who listened to the pitches and the follow-up Q&A by a trio of bloggers from BoardingArea. And then with a show of hands, selected Milewise as the startup idea they would invest in. A great proof of concept and the competition was highly praised by event attendees.



Wallaby is an app for iPhone and Android that helps you answer the question “Which card should I choose?” Maximize cash back, miles, points or shopping discounts on your rewards credit cards – it’s the best friend your wallet ever had. The app helps in the following four ways: Save—setup your cloud wallet with each card and see all of the benefits at a glance; Optimize—select your favorite card, without missing out on deals from any card; Reward—get recommendations on the best rewards at every merchant in one click; Discover—find places nearby with great credit card deals.



AwardWallet provides a free service that helps you manage your reward balances and travel itineraries. We support 562 loyalty programs – air, hotel, car rental, credit card and others. Founded in 2004, AwardWallet quickly became a popular choice for both road warriors and casual travelers. Over 138,000 active members rely on AwardWallet to manage over 29.2 billion miles / points representing $584 million in value. AwardWallet is not affiliated or related to any of the loyalty programs offered by the airlines, hotels or credit cards identified on this website or tracked and monitored using the AwardWallet service.



PointsHound.com understands there are tons of rewards currencies, old and new, competing for your loyalty. We allow you, the frequent traveler, the flexibility to choose which currency you earn when booking a hotel online. Instead of having to compare accrual offers across all your different rewards programs, book your hotel on PointsHound and earn TONS of loyalty currency from the program of your choice.

Your spend on Pointshound earns you more points and miles than any place on the web. As soon as you set up an account, you’ll earn on average, 3 points per dollar spent on our site. And the more you book, the more you earn. In fact, Level 4 Pointshounds have been known to earn upwards of 15 miles per dollar spent- an unprecedented accrual rate! Best of all, Pointshound is free to use.



MileWise is a search engine for frequent travelers that shows all the ways to pay for flights using cash, airline miles and hotel and credit card points. We also track your reward program balances and combine that with your travel and redemption preferences to recommend the best way to pay.



Confused about how to optimize miles in order to get to the next status or benefit from a frequent flyer program? Meet 30K. 30K was started because we wanted to reap the benefits of frequent flyer programs, but were frustrated and didn’t understand how to quickly and most efficiently find the best deals which earn the most miles. In the past, the best deals for your mileage plans could be found, but they took a lot of time, patience and knowledge to discover. It just didn’t make sense. With 30K, they are presented clearly and are one free click away. Knowing how many miles a ticket accrues before booking it empowers you to decide which deal is the best one for you. That’s just the way it should be.

30K stands for 30,000 feet. That’s how high we often choose to live our lives. Make it count!

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