Launchpoint provides an unprecedented opportunity for the frequent flyer entrepreneur to compete for cash prizes, network with like-minded potential partners and have access to unparalleled introductions in the industry. Get your pitch presentation ready—$50,000 awaits you. ENTER TODAY.



Become a winner. Here’s a chance to test two things most important to any entrepreneur—the interest of the customer (road warriors/frequent flyers) and the funding to make it work. Win and you’re in—an exclusive group that has been tested by the traveler and rewarded for winning a Launchpoint Competition.

The Rules

To become a winner, you just need to read over the following few rules and then apply HERE.

The Format

Ten presenters will each get three minutes to pitch their best ideas to an audience of road warriors/frequent flyers. Then a panel of influential bloggers and Advisors Board members of Launchpoint will get three minutes to question the presenters. When all presentations are completed, the audience will vote on that single presentation they believe is worthy of the final round $50,000 grant. By tally of votes, the audience will also be picking the first runner-up as well.

Getting Started

Step 1: Complete the Competition entry form and submit it by April 17, 2014.
Step 2: Those accepted into the Competition will be informed as to the presentation style with Powerpoint/Keynote and other display available. Other entrants will be notified of future Competition dates and locations so they can be pre-registered for future Competition dates.
Step 3: Powerpoint/Keynote templates will be sent and a time slot for the presentation will be assigned.
Step 4: Build your presentation and get ready to dazzle the audience of road warriors/frequent flyers.


There’s more to Launchpoint than $50,000 in cash prizes. There’s a growing list of in-kind donations from industry sponsors such as Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels and National Car Rental. In growing any business—there’s travel, meetings and more meetings. Our winners will enjoy a wide variety of support such as a hotel conference room provided by Hilton Hotels to meet with prospective new partners or investors. And don’t overlook the support that will come from a very relevant group on our Advisors Board. Entrepreneurs [check], successful track records [check], influential [check], failed and learned from it [check], a road warrior [check], really interested in the vertical [check], passionate about Launchpoint [check].


Let’s walk you through the process: At each competition, the audience of road warriors will be given a SCORECARD when listening to and hearing the pitches of each competitor. They will be thinking about their own travel needs, their own interest in technologies, services and applications that are relevant to them. After all the pitches and follow up questions by the panel of bloggers and Advisors Boards members, they will be asked to vote on those pitches they feel have the right product for them and as well, where they would put their own money to support. We’ll tally up the votes and determine in real time who the winner is for that competition as well as who the first runner up is. When the competitions are completed for the year, we’ll prepare the online balloting process for each winner and runner up of the Competitions and feature them along with a background of their product, a short video of them explaining what they have for the road warrior and then an online campaign begins which gets out the vote for determining the overall winners for the cash prizes, awards and other prizes.