Founded by Milepoint, Launchpoint is the first and only funding competition led by frequent flyers for small startups focused on providing tools, services and apps designed for road warriors/frequent flyers.

We understand that it can be very difficult for startups to get the exposure they need to be successful. The expressed goal of Launchpoint is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that can help the road warrior/frequent flyer. Launchpoint stands out because it takes no equity in any of the winners, is not “pay-to-pitch” and 100 percent of all sponsor money goes directly to the winners. Our competitions are completely free, and participants compete for $50,000 in cash, in-kind prizes and various awards.

Launchpoint has a novel approach to funding ideas for road warriors/frequent flyers: We fund these ideas at competitions held in conjunction with Frequent Traveler University events—in front of actual road warriors/frequent flyers (there are two or three such events each year). Winners at these events will then be featured in an online final round balloting process much like the popular Freddie Awards where road warriors/frequent flyers vote on loyalty programs delivering the most value to them. (BTW, this year’s Freddie Awards had nearly 3 million voters.)

Milepoint/Launchpoint does not profit in any way—100% of all sponsor monies go toward grants to our winners.


And there is more to come from Launchpoint.


The next phase of Launchpoint will be to provide a conduit for small investments in the Launchpoint competition participants in return for a small stake in the companies.

All Commonpoint investors will supply some combination of money and help. The most important thing we do is work with these startups to help them develop their ideas. Most of us are travelers ourselves, and we’ve spent a lot of time in airports and hotel rooms figuring out what works and what doesn’t. So we can usually see fairly quickly which of the Launchpoint participant’s companies could grow significantly, or the point at which they may be helpful to our own business paths. Commonpoint is especially interested in business traveler/frequent flyer applications. Since we’ve been road warriors ourselves, we can visualize many of the possibilities.

And we know people. We can make the introductions and make the time to provide advice when it is needed. The kind of advice we give literally can’t be bought from those who haven’t been business travelers/frequent flyers themselves.
Commonpoint is currently in the development stage.


Another phase of Launchpoint will be a funding platform for travel projects. Sure, Launchpoint will have a winner who does well, but there will be other ideas that need some sort of funding and Crowdpoint will help. And no, we aren’t trying to invent or re-invent the concept of crowdfunding. Since we know that a lot of frequent flyers will rally around tools and services for them, why not put it in front of them? In most of the current crowdfunding solutions, there aren’t channels for travel projects. SO, we’ll be partnering with one of the leading platform providers of crowdfunding and create a private channel here on Launchpoint. We know the road warrior is interested in the success of these types of ideas for them. Our favorite is HERE. In this Kickstarter project, frequent flyer documentary filmmaker Gabriel Leigh found 310 frequent flyer backers for his project. We were glad to be among them to help.
Crowdpoint is currently in the development stage.

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