a terrific idea …

“Launchpoint is a terrific idea that Points is thrilled to be a part of. It is not long ago that we were in “start up” mode, and the advice and support of people like Randy was critical to our early development. I am a big believer that we are in an industry that has an exciting future, and that a good bit of that future will be shaped by today’s entrepreneurs. Some well placed capital, and perhaps some timely advice may be just the help that a great idea needs to get launched successfully….. and that at the end of the day great new ideas will be good for everyone in the space.”

Rob MacLean, CEO

[Points International Ltd. (TSX:PTS) (Nasdaq:PCOM), doing business as Points.com, is the global leader in reward currency management, providing multiple eCommerce and technology solutions to the world’s leading loyalty brands. Points.com also manages www.points.com, the largest consumer rewards management platform that allows over 3 million users to trade, exchange and redeem points, miles and rewards. Points International was recently named the 5th largest Canadian software company and the 40th largest Canadian technology company by the 2012 Branham300 list.]

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